Thursday, March 30, 2017


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Life on the North Shore
never looked so good!


At Home on the north shore Spring-46

At Home with Jim Proudfoot & Amanda Hill

Amanda Hill and Jim Proudfoot first met as teenagers, from separate towns and schools united in Kingston, Ontario to represent Nova Scotia at a...

At Home with Tracy Stuart

With a wellspring of enthusiasm, curiosity and optimism, there was much for Tracy to explore beyond competitive sports. She embarked on a new life...

At home with Troy & Jennie Greencorn

It is 8 am on Monday morning when I swing by the Greencorn household on the corner of Prince Street in Pictou.  Troy has...

At Home with Susan Weeks

Susan Weeks remembers the moment of silence with vivid clarity. It was 1990, one year after a man in Montreal shot to death 14...

At Home with Jake Chisholm

Visiting Jake Chisholm’s home is at first a step back in time. Candle glow leads inside, where gleaming hardwood and ornate archways herald the...

At Home with Nicole LeBlanc

Like the changing seasons, opportunity in every breath, potential in every moment.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

The Inside Story

At Home on the north shore Spring-8

Bringing up baby (east coast style)

When Emma Enman’s daughter, Charlotte, was learning to crawl, she had bruised, carpet-burned knees and was wearing holes in her pants. Enman decided to...

On The Table