I had the privilege of attending ‘DIY by the Sea’ at White Point Beach Resort, courtesy of At Home!  This Canadian Flag was one of the projects we did under the guidance of Wendy from Front Porch Mercantile.  It was fun to create with others, outside of my studio, to be inspired by the beauty of Nova Scotia and in celebration of Canada 150.


  • Pallet or board approximately 21″ x 13″
  • Red paint
  • White paint
  • Coloured chalk
  • Print out of a maple leaf and the number 150
  • Dull pencil
  • Furniture wax
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Brushes

STEP 1.  If your pallet isn’t already built, build it to rough finished measurements of 21″ x 13″

STEP 2.  Paint one coat of white over entire pallet, including edges. Set aside to dry.

STEP 3.  Rub chalk all over the back of your maple leaf outline and numbers.

STEP 4.  Once paint is completely dry, tape your maple leaf and 150 into place with painter’s tape.

STEP 5.  Using your dull pencil, trace the edges of the leaf and 150, pressing hard enough to transfer the chalk off the paper and onto the wood.

STEP 6.  Remove your paper and fill in the leaf and numbers with red paint.

STEP 7.  Paint the red bands of the sides of the flag. Set aside to let dry.

STEP 8.  Sand the entire pallet to suit your preferences.

STEP 9.  Buff with Furniture wax to seal.

STEP 10.  Proudly display your flag in your home as we celebrate 150 years of Canada!

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Lori Byrne
Fall means cozy layers, earthy palettes and majestic scenery. Chatting with Ruben and Raina among the colourful hills of Brookland was the perfect way to spend a fall day. Thinking outside the box for ways to upcycle everyday items is both fun and challenging, making you look at things in thrift stores and vintage shops with a new set of eyes! Happy Fall, everyone!