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Maasai Mara Shuka, Editor’s own
Floral Dyed Sari from India,
Sarah Bonnyman Pottery
Turkish Blanket, Editor’s own

It’s time to get cozy! We are throwing out a few options for you to get wrapped up in with these globally sourced blankies. Reconnect with a treasured trip abroad or cuddle up under one of these inspired throws and dream about the places that you will go. From the Scottish Highlands to the cotton-dyed indigos of India there is something that will fit your décor style and say let’s cuddle when you need a snuggle.

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Crystal Murray
Crystal likes to think about her forays in journalism like interval training. " I have had a wonderful freedom to be home when I needed to be and work when the spirit moved me. In the spaces between I have learned things about myself, my family and my community that I hope will find a rightful place in the new and refreshed pages of At Home on the North Shore. "