Just add SNOW

A little greenery and a white Christmas makes everything merry & bright. Until then let’s get decorating!


According the Farmers Alamanac there is a 50/50 chance for snow on the north shore this Christmas but if we don’t get a little dusting before the visit of Ole Saint Nick don’t worry January is right around the corner. Keep the holiday cheer at your door all winter with this easy to make swag that you can personalize with your own special touches.

Let’s get started
•    Sharp pruners
•     A bunch of collected evergreen and plant material of interest
•     Wreath wire
•     A piece of burlap, bow or what ever you’d like to decorate with.

  1. Cut five to seven branches, about a foot and a half long of your favourite evergreen. This is your base.
  2. Go for a walk and find other shrubs, trees or plants with winter interest. Look at the colour of the stems, keep an eye out for contrasting texture. Cut and collect a good selection of items. Think of picking a bouquet. It’s the same idea.
  3. On a flat surface lay out the evergreen. I have put more visual weight on the bottom which equates to more materials on the bottom. Three to four branches are on the bottom with the remaining making up the top. Tuck them into each other, end to end and wire the branches together. The tighter the better.
  4. Begin to layer the remaining elements and wire them to the evergreen base.
  5. Once you are happy with the arrangement and it’s sturdy enough, wrap a piece of burlap around the centre or make a bow to hide any wire in the centre.
  6. Make a loop with the wire on the back, hang outside and let the compliments roll in all season long.


Felix Wadden can barely contain his excitement as he waits for the first snow fall of the season. He gives his mum Rachael a little help dressing things up in their backyard in Lovat.
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Rachael McLean
Rachael MacLean is a landscape architect from the back woods of Lovat and has a love/hate relationship with Fall. School starts – LOVE. Change of air – LOVE, harvest – LOVE, colour – LOVE... wait! maybe Fall isn’t that bad after all. This issue she was reminded that beauty is in every detail and it all starts with a seed. Join me for a “Seedy Conversation” and pick up some tips to get a jump on your next growing season.