Sustainable stockings – Stuff a little eco-love in that sock!


This year, I’ve really tried to step up my game in the REDUCE, REUSE + RECYCLE department.
I’m dedicated to cutting plastic bags out of my grocery experience. Even when I forget my bins, I pack everything back into my cart and load my trunk with the loose items. When I get home I load them into the bins for the trek in. It’s a pain but I am remembering more and more.
Reducing plastic in other areas of my family life has been a relatively easy task. We just had to commit. Straws are a big one. Anytime we would go through a drive-thru, I would decline straws and there was a collective whine from the back seat but that too is becoming easier. I remind them that straws aren’t good for the environment and they seem to be content with that! At home we have purchased stainless steel straws that are still fun and easy to clean with the little brush.


The following collection of locally sourced items are all planet happy and conversation starters that make great stocking stuffers.
It’s a conversation that we need to be having! Going into the festive season see what you can do to spread the eco-love.

1 Beezy Wrap, reusable food wrap
2 Produce Bags
3 Choice Laundry Powder
4 Stainless Steel Straws + Pottery Stir Stick
5 Lip Balm
6 Fabric Napkins
7 Bamboo Utensil
8 JarWare (Drink Cover + Soap Pump for Mason Jars)
9 Velcro plant ties
10 Bio Degradable Scrub brush with interchangeable head
11 Wool Laundry Balls
12 Buncha Farmers Stain Remover Stick
13 Reusable paper towel with print
14 Bees Wax Candle

Be creative and look to your local vendors for eco-friendly stuffers.

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Rachael McLean
This fall Rachael gets her last little one on the bus to start school. The first day of school will fill many a Mama with a load of emotion. It’s safe to say that a glass of wine will be had by more than a few that day. So, it’s fitting that Rachael chats with grape growers Dave and Anita Poirier who are producing their own wine along the West River. Cheers to a new season and fresh starts!