Looking for an easy update to almost any room in the house?  Well, swap out those old light switches for something with a little more smarts and style.  The smallest detail can have a dramatic affect.  Whether you want something to run off your own tech or just set the mood, there are lots of options to explore. You don’t need to be in the dark any longer.  Visit one of your local lighting retailers and they can help you Switch It Up!

Sleek, efficient and modern. The new way to navigate in dark is here and it’s super affordable. Adorne provides us with two different and interesting styles; Portable Nightlight and the Accent Nightlight. The traditional standard night light has too many flaws from taking up outlet space, giving off too much light.
The portable nightlight feature actually pops right out of the wall safely for you to use as a flashlight which can be helpful during power outages. Finding your way to the fridge just became a whole lot easier, too. It keeps getting better!  The second great feature are
the different lighting options that allow you to customize brightness with a simple tap of your finger.  The LED light gives two first-class purposes of illuminating your space and finding the light switch painlessly.

Every hostess, book reader or museum care-taker, your needs have been met. Adorne’s variety of dimmer switches are just as impressive as the candles you’ll light at next week’s book club. With a choice of six different dimmers; a favourite is the Softap Dimmer Switch. We all know we love that one light setting that somehow, someway ends up being moved and cannot be duplicated again. Now Adorne has solved our problems. This device gives you the freedom to choose the exact desired light setting, keep it and remember it for next time. The touch pad allows you to pick your setting and save it for as long as you like. Excellent for chandeliers, tiffany lamps or under the counter lights.

Why have one when you can have two, and why have two when you can have three! The most innovative outlet on the market, Adorne’s Pop-Out Outlet is useful beyond words. With a simple push in, out come three outlets that are ideal for bathroom’s, children play areas, kitchens and entertainment areas.

Due to the style of the outlet, there is no need to spend money on bulky flush-mount attachments. Adorne’s futuristic design allows furniture such as couches or television stands to press gently upon walls for a clean look in your space.

In addition to the subtle but always appreciated space-creating design is the clever way the outlet all but vanishes when not in use.  This prevents cold drafts in winter, water entering in bathrooms and for a tidy look on more outlet apparent areas such as countertops. The Pop-Out Outlet not only is hidden in the wall but has patented shutter system that helps prevent objects from entering which will protect curious minds at home. An easy D.I.Y. install, it will be achievable to create a seamless, elegant look for all areas of your home.

There’s nothing worse than walking into a room with hands filled with laptops, school bags and groceries and not being able to see where you’re going.  Now with the Wave feature from Adorne, you can give a wave towards your light switch and, ta-da, the lights will come on. There’s even the SensaSwitch that will detect motion and turn on and then when you leave the room, turn off again. You can adjust it to turn off when you walk back by or even turn off after a certain amount of time has passed, making it perfect for pantries, garages or bathrooms.

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