It’s been just a few years of Dylan Thompson-MacKay knowing what the term entrepreneur meant but that only worked to speed him up! Just asking about his business, Elwood Pens, had him light up and talking about all he has accomplished in the last three years of his life. Learning the term when he enrolled in Business Administration at NSCC, he already had a pen and a talent to impress any who met him.

Named after his paternal grandfather, Elwood Pens is much more than a small local business. It’s a story of perseverance, turning a collection of negatives into an amazing journey of love, family and community. A labour of love, often putting in 40 to 60 hours of creativity after a 40-hour work week, this is a for profit business with intentions of supporting non-profit organizations throughout Nova Scotia.

In many ways Dylan has already given back to the community by speaking about mental health to the graduating grade six class of Walter Duggan Elementary school. He has also connected with so many of his belated grandfather’s fellow AA participants who only have good, healing stories to share.

Winning many awards, Dylan gives back to the county by sourcing his wood locally, hiring local companies for his paperwork and marketing and has plans to hire four employees in the near future. Inspired by local artists he also plans to branch out to do more than pens.

You can purchase your new locally sourced pen from his Facebook page, Elwood Pens, and ask for it to be engraved by another local social entrepreneur, Summer Street Industries.

Supporting a local business helps that business return the favour by supporting local in a variety of ways and a pen or pencil made of Pictou County’s own Bird’s Eye Maple or Nova Scotia’s Curly Maple made by a man like Dylan makes a tremendous impact on our own county.

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Sarah Butland
Being connected to hidden gems in this community through literature is a dream come true for Sarah Butland. Always aspiring of being paid to read and write, Ah! At Home on the North Shore and our author-filled county has been a blessing in her life. Hearing a lot about Only Game In Town, the movie, Butland added it to her must-watch list and never imagined she’d be able to read of its trials and tribulations and “meet” the script writer, director and producer as well as author Stuart Cresswell. Butland is eager to discover her next local author!