What could be sweeter than climbing into a cozy nest that gently rocks you in the breeze? Hammock season is here, and we’re getting delightfully drowsy just thinking about those zen-like hammock naps.
Whether you’re looking for a rugged hammock to take along on camping adventures or a soft woven hammock for curling up to read a book, here’s what you might want to consider about your hammock style…

Have iced tea, will lounge. Liz Toole from Above and Beyond Home Decor in downtown Truro says they sell beautiful woven hammocks and hammock chairs handmade in India.
“We hung one in our front window last year, and people just loved it. We sold one to a person who took it back to Germany with them,” says Toole.
These stylish hammocks are perfect for relaxing on a sheltered or enclosed porch where the fabric is protected from the elements. (They can’t be thrown in the washing machine, so you probably aren’t going to want them exposed to pouring rain and mud.)
“They’re very soft-looking, with just cotton and the natural wood,” says Toole. “They’re all handmade, so the detail is quite spectacular.”

Why sleep on the hard ground in a leaky tent when you can gently sway back and forth under the stars? The Trail Shop in downtown Truro sells colourful parachute-style hammocks made by Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) — like the DoubleNest hammock that’s big enough for two.
Trail Shop owner Sue Stanfield says ENO hammocks are popular with campers who want a portable option that works in a variety of settings.
“Lots of people buy them and use them with straps to make a bed in the woods,” says Stanfield. “They have so many accessories available, like bug nets, rain tarp covers, and gear slings to hang your gear below your hammock.”
Designed for adventure, ENO hammocks are breathable and fast-drying. They’re made with tree-friendly straps so they don’t harm the environment, and you don’t need to tie knots to hang ’em — they use aluminum wiregate carabiners. They fold up into a travel bag you can hold in one hand, so they’re always ready to be packed up and moved onto the next spot.
Did we mention they come in brilliantly-patterned styles and colour combos?

Nope, hammocks aren’t just for the great outdoors. Woven, neutral Boho-style hammocks and hammock chairs are becoming the perfect Instagram-worthy seat to complete a room decorated with miniature cacti, macrame hangings, and fiddle-leaf figs.
“Hammocks and hammock chairs have been very trendy for the last couple of years, especially amongst young people,” says Toole.
She says younger girls are decorating their rooms more than ever, but they’re not just tacking up Tiger Beat posters — they’re watching HGTV to get ideas, following designers on Instagram, and “curating” lovely spaces.
“Hammock chairs are especially luxe when you add a few throw pillows for extra cushioning,” says Toole. “These girls are cozying up in them in their rooms to read or do homework or go on social media.”

If you’re looking for something long-term you can set up in the yard for a summer full of lounging, try a sturdy hammock with spreader bars and weatherproof polypropylene material like HamacTex. It looks and feels like cotton, but dries quickly and is designed to stand up to the elements.
Want a backyard hammock but lack the big strong trees to support it? No problem. You can buy steel or wood stands designed to hold a hammock when there’s not a tree trunk in sight. Happy swaying!