A Giant Man from a Tiny Town A Story of Angus MacAskill

Children’s books are not always just for children and this is one of them. The story of Angus MacAskill, a man who called Cape Breton home, is written beautifully and the illustrations are vibrant and tell a story of Cape Breton.
Written by Tom Ryan and with art by Christopher Hoyt, the story is all Angus,
a giant man who travelled the world only to re-discover home. The lessons behind this story and Angus’ life are long-lasting as we all feel singled out at some time in our life. With the clever way Hoyt depicts Angus after his growth spurt to the way Ryan makes the reader connect with the story, it’s a perfect combination for any curious mind.
Angus grew to be seven feet and nine inches tall and while his body was large his desire to help others in his community was even bigger. When he decided to try finding a world better fit for someone of his stature, Angus was able to find a group of friends within the P.T. Barnum’s circus and meet many others who stood out in the world for various reasons.
There was no place like home, however, and Angus returned to where he grew up and the community who knew him for more than the tall man. On Cape Breton Island Angus stood out for many years through his successful businesses and willingness to help.
A Giant Man from a Tiny Town is a must read for anyone who has ever felt they didn’t
quite fit in.

Tom Ryan, born and raised in Inverness, NS currently calls Halifax home and has a long list of books to his name and Christopher Hoyt, known for A is for Adventure, from Halifax
as well, make a stellar team and
this book is the result!

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