The She-Shed says it all

Photos by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ve more than likely come across stunning images of what people are calling She-Sheds.
Little havens in their own backyard that provide peace, quiet, and solace when they need to step away and regroup or take some time for themselves.

Much like the Man-Cave, the She-Shed is a place where one can escape the stresses of the day and enjoy the little things in life that bring them happiness.
It’s no secret that much of the pandemic burden was bore on the backs of women, who not only had to work from home but also take care of their children and families. And while the She-Shed existed prior to the pandemic, it has grown significantly in popularity over the last year as a place for a little escape… just a few steps from the back door.
Last August, Kora Hanrahan of Pictou got a big surprise when she was gifted a She-Shed for her birthday.
“I had been admiring them for a while and liked the idea of having that rustic hideaway on my own property,” says Hanrahan. But she never expected to have one built for her.
Hanrahan’s husband Ed Hawkins had planned the gift well in advance and acquired pieces of an old barn board from a barn that was being disassembled. The barn board provided the rustic feel that Hanrahan loves. He even ran electricity to the She-Shed to allow for use any time of the day or year.
“I was so impressed because he built it all himself,” she says. “He put in all the things that I love.”

Kora gave the shed a little more of her own personal style with the addition of marcramé, candles and lanterns.

The barn board and tin roof provide that old-time atmosphere while the tree line and placement allow for privacy and an incredible view of the sunset.
Hanrahan admits she couldn’t wait to
deck it out with more of the décor she adores, with a little help from Hawkins.
“I tend to gravitate toward that casual, rustic feel, so I got some old window frames and little lanterns and hung some macramé and banners.”
Hawkins even installed a large wooden beam with bistro lights wrapped around
it and found an old wooden cable spool to use as a table and built a cupboard to store small items.
And while the She-Shed trend leans toward a quiet place to relax, Hanrahan
also enjoys using the space to entertain her closest friends.
“I’ve been able to use it all year-round. We can prop the wall open and enjoy the evening breeze, or sit inside in the winter with a warm drink.” Hanrahan even welcomed a few deer into her She-Shed.
But Hanrahan says fall is her absolute favourite time of year to spend in her
She-Shed. The foliage in the yard mingling with the crisp air and the perfect place to soak up a sunset provides the most serentity to her fall season.

A little privacy please. A fence made from left over materials from constructing the She-shed and array of old window frames provide a little privacy from the busy street.