A message from At Home on the North Shore

If someone told me last Friday as our family made the final decision to cancel our March Break holiday because of the threat of Covid-19 that our nation would be in the crisis that it is in today, I would have told them to relax. It’s not that I didn’t believe that the virus was a true threat or that it wasn’t coming. I just couldn’t fathom that the events that we have seen in the last week would happen so quickly.

This is just one more message in your inbox about the lengths that businesses, organizations, educational institutions, service providers and the many different systems that keep our communities functioning and stable are taking to help slow the spread of the Novel Coronovirus in Nova Scotia and around the world. 

I am sure that many of you are experiencing both anxiety and suspended belief about the lightning speed at which our world can change. In many ways Canada, especially our beautiful east coast is often insulated from some of the worlds more significant challenges. It’s one of the reasons why we choose to live here. But we are now at the beginning of an unprecedented experience in our lifetimes. How we prepare, educate, listen and act are all important elements of how this chapter in our lives will unfold.

What we do best in our little corner of the world is taking care of each other. There will be an abundance of ways that we will be able to show our compassion for people in our communities who will dramatically impacted by the spread of Covid-19 virus. When you make decisions about where you source the necessities of life or special treats for the ones you love put your local providers at the top of your list. 

Remember that many businesses in your communities are the ones that are there for you when you are looking for sponsorship and fundraising. They are going to need to feel the love returned. Support for your local media is also an important consideration. These businesses often fly under the radar but their absence from our daily lives would be significant. While we will all be spending more time at home in the coming weeks consider purchasing a subscription. This might just be the only revenue for your favorite publications when advertisers have to cease their own promotions while their businesses are forced to close.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, At Home on the North Shore keeps a hopeful eye on the future and continues to gather the stories of Nova Scotians in this beautiful part of our province that we call home. We hope that the stories and articles we’ve been sharing allow you to focus on the people and moments we can celebrate, while reminding you of the simple comforts of home. Together (while staying safely apart) let’s come together to provide encouragement and reassurance during these uncertain times. The health and safety of our staff, our clients, and the communities we serve is our utmost priority.

We have taken measures to ensure safe work environments. Our office is closed to the public and we are practicing social distancing, taking special measures for deliveries and receiving, working from home where possible, and implementing rigorous safety and cleaning steps to help protect our community.

By monitoring the situation closely and taking guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada, we are confident we will keep our work environments safe, our Metro Guide Publishing and Advocate family healthy, and our clients and readers informed and supported.

From all of the team at At Home on the North Shore we send you our love and positive vibes as we all navigate this challenging time. We will do our best to stay connected with you and remember that we value your friendship.

Be kind to yourself and others,

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