Ah Spring! You are Ever-Inspiring.

There is a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about your essence. Something in your fresh light air. Something about the way your soft warm light touches new corners of the rooms in each home. Something fundamentally awakening as the earth takes on new life after a dormant winter. That something that stirs the inner child to come out and play.
It’s the colours. Oh, but the colours! The pallets, the variation of tones and hues, the unexpected blends, the patterns! Nature pushes the envelope here in the Maritimes with each season but, come spring, it does so specifically with colour. Which we can pull direct inspiration, even exact colour blends, into our own homes and onto our tables to evoke the same refreshing feeling.
This year my family and I are taking a cue from Mother Nature herself, the original artist, by incorporating sunny tie-dye elements into an otherwise neutral shell. The specific inspiration: Envision a lone flourishing lady slipper on a mossy forest floor or a vivacious rhodora growing amidst the marsh. But note, that application is not for everyone. Fields of multi-coloured lupins may speak to you or a singing garden of wild flowers. Whatever your style, spring decor is the perfect opportunity to allow yourself the freedom to get creative, play with colour, and have some fun!
Tie-dye is the perfect tool to help bring that to life. What’s more, it can be a collaborative effort in which the entire family can enjoy and appreciate the results.

Patterns and Shapes
Different manipulations, twists and folds, bring about unique shapes and patterns with each individual project. Make a statement with a single tie-dye element or be so bold as to mix and layer various patterns.

We all followed instructional designs on our initial pieces
but it wasn’t long before the kids were concocting their own.

Colours and Intensity
The colour wheel is your oyster! Choose subtle pastels, saturated primary colours, or ombre hues. Opt for a monochromatic scheme, blend complementary colours, or throw colour theory by the wayside and follow your gut.

The length of time the dyes are able to set will affect their intensity.

Apply Here There and Everywhere
Clothing is a go-to for application, but you don’t have to stop there – pillow covers, sheet sets, beach towels, upholstery fabric, draperies, even flowers and paper. All of these can be dyed to your heart’s desire and offer up a high-impact or subtle punch to your spaces.

The kids loved customizing their bed linens while this Mom
appreciates that it’s an unexpected detail that they enjoy each day.

Budget Friendly
There is an upfront expense of purchasing ready-made dye itself. But, after that initial investment, most of us have tired items that could stand to benefit from a second chance at life. Just in this one tablescape I was able to upcycle a fabric table cloth, napkins, a paisley dress (into garlands), coffee filters (into flowers), and textured paper (into place markers) – all for zero additional cost me.

You can make DIY dye’s if you are extra ambitious with household items
which can second as an experimental process the kids would likely also enjoy.

Simple Fun
If you stand still long enough in our house this spring you might just get tie-dyed! It’s that enjoyable and rewarding of a process – for all ages!