collection that is over 30 years in the making, a community with roots that run deep and a passion in sharing both lead Allan Fraser of Scotsburn to open a farm museum in the village of Scotsburn.

Allan and Mary Fraser purchased the old Scotsburn Creamery building back in 2016 after all the dairy processing had moved elsewhere. Allan relocated his small engine business into the main level of the building and then started working on what has been his dream for years – a farm museum.

The majority of the items that make up the numerous displays have connections within the area, some pieces donated to the cause and others he’s been storing for years. The different pieces range in age from the 1800s to the 1950s and cover a multitude of types – from buggies, hay binders, to saddles and chain saws, even the first road grader that belonged to the Town of Westville has been re-built and put on display. There is a dining room all set up, old cook stoves and the old organ from the church that was in Millsville, rumour has it that it’s been hauled up to the hilltop in a buggy for local picnics! On display are lots of old tools for farm to household chores, harness making, even an old wicker casket, if you can imagine!  Even the creamery building itself is a piece of history having housed various aspects of the Scotsburn Dairy industry since it was built in 1929.

Back in 2012, when Bethel Presbyterian Church celebrated their 150th anniversary, Allan opened up his yard and barn to allow guests who were taking part in the weekend’s activities to view his collection and take a walk down memory lane. That sparked people’s interest and the buzz around the community has grown since then about the opening of the museum.

The wait is nearly over. Allan and his wife, Mary Fraser, plus some of his staff and other volunteers have been putting in many extra hours to get things organized and set up for the Grand Opening that will be taking place on June 3rd, with doors opening at 10 am. So, grab your grandfather, and head to the farm museum and take ‘A Walk Through Time.’

Location: 4119 Scotsburn Road (Hwy 256)
Admission: $10 person, $25 per family