The chicken wire makes clipping photos or postcards easy and yet, so fun. Hang this little wreath somewhere you can see it often to keep the memories fresh.


MDF wreath form from Michaels
Jute rope from Central Supplies
Chicken wire from a farm supply store
White paint
Hot glue gun
Gloves (for working with the chicken wire)
Wire cutters
Pretty little clothes pins from Michaels

At-Home-On-The-North-Shore-Summer-27Start by painting the MDF wreath form and chicken wire with a coat of white paint. This will help mask any gaps in the rope. Once the paint it dry, start wrapping the form with the rope and hot gluing it in place. You don’t have to glue down each bit of rope, every two or three wraps is plenty. When you have the rope glued down, mix some white paint with a bit of water and brush it onto the rope. This softens the look of the rope and gives it a more weathered look. The rope soaks up the paint so add more coats if you feel it needs it. While your paint is drying, trim your chicken wire with the wire cutters to fit neatly on the back of the wreath. Once the paint is dry, hot glue the chicken wire on, making sure to bend those sharp ends of the wire into the rope as much as possible.

After all your glue is dried, you are ready to display your treasures so Summer can live on long after the sand has cooled off!