There is nothing like a table set for a bountiful fall meal, rich in colours and textures.
And at the centre of the table, there should be a beautiful centrepiece that sets the tone.
This centrepiece starts with an old wooden box, found in a dusty corner, long forgotten but now it becomes the centre of attention. Faux branches add the only bit of colour, the white candles and white pumpkins, keep it simple and clean, leaving the focus on the textures.

Vintage wooden box
Tapered candles
Faux branches
Shredded packing paper
Scrap wood
Drill and spade bit
Staple gun

STEP 1 Fill the vintage box with scrap wood to raise the bottom so your arrangement is visible over the top edge.
Step 2 Determine where you want the candles and drill holes in the scrap wood with a spade bit large enough to hold the tapers.

Step 3 Cut the branches to manageable sizes and staple them in place on the scrap wood.
Step 4 Add your candles and then the shredded packing paper. Layer your antlers and pumpkins in the box.
Step 5 Add your centrepiece to the middle of your table and invite friends and family over for a tasty fall meal.

Centrepieces don’t have to be complicated or elaborate to set the tone for your meal. A few simple items brought together are enough to grace your table and bring some fall onto your table.