Texture and subtle colour – as varied as the basket collection and mixed marble/wood place setting – beckon to guests to come, sit, and stay.


As the view beyond the window pane shifts from summer’s vivid hues of green to autumn’s abundant warm tones, inevitably so too does the mood within the home itself.
The ever-brief Maritime indoor-outdoor living comes hastily to an end as the warm breeze adds its cold snap and the windows and doors get shut up tight. Intuitively for most locals this is not a sad ending but rather a quarterly deviation in both lifestyle and pace. An opportunity to re-imagine ones self, surroundings, and company.
Fall looks, smells, tastes and feels drastically different from one person to the next. Childhood memories, experiences, and inspirations drive the interpretation of the season, which absolutely lends to why entertaining, decor and comfort foods from one household to the next should reflect just that. Keeping in mind there is no ‘right’ way to celebrate the season of gathering – beyond that very action – consider how you might tailor this year to suit your personal preferences.

Get Inspired Pumpkins, scarecrows, pinecones, Mums… all excellent go-tos to transform your home or elevate a tablescape for the next dinner party this season. But if those don’t resonate with you, get creative with your source for inspiration. Perhaps a cherished piece of art or favourite table runner can drive the scheme, or the colours from a favourite fall family recipe. Switch gears from standard fall items altogether and layer textures and colours that feel like fall for you – handwoven baskets, wool, woods, leather, mixed metals, etc.
Consider Colour Often the pallet for fall decor is assumed – the colour of its defining changing leaves, harvest bounty, or its eerie mood. These key elements certainly speak loudly to fall but the otherwise traditionally ‘off season’ colours don’t automatically need to be excluded if they resonate with your personal inspiration. Consider soft hues of pink playing nicely with the deep shades of purple in this season’s vegetation. Or soft robin’s egg blue, often found in spring pallets, feeling right at home paired with any of the gorgeous shades our local maple syrups take evolving from translucent golds all the way to opaque deep mahoganies.
Fuss Free Foods Thanksgiving is a safe bet for everyone getting together during this season. But it doesn’t have to start and stop there. Hearty stews, layered charcuterie boards, tasty pumpkin pastries and lattes don’t have to be labour intensive but can equally lure company in to stay awhile.
Sacrificing Style Simplistic, casual dining does not mean sacrificing on style. Intentional attention to detail can elevate the most basic get togethers and evoke specific moods. Without necessarily costing anything might I add, if you shop your home. Think layering wood cutting boards, natural stone elements, mixing glass with ceramic dinnerware, incorporating linens,
mixed metals, etc.
Central Piece With a set table, the eye inevitably goes to a central hanging fixture and directly down to the decor moment beneath. Whether you splurge on a fresh bouquet to suit your decor style, arrange local produce in a salvaged dough bowl, or mix heights and metals with candlesticks, the centrepiece is both the focal point and finishing touch to every table.

By curating a style within your home that feels authentic to you and your interpretation of fall, this season will without doubt have you more than happy to stay inside. Family and friends could however feel the same about your haven and be knocking on the door. Better turn the coffee pot on.