Inspired by the Courage to Achieve

THIVJAN THARMA – Director of Community Economic Development, Town of New Glasgow

As a child, my inspiration came from my parents, who sacrificed and risked a lot when they decided to move from Sri Lanka to Canada for the benefit of their two children. I have always found motivation and ambition in their story of hard-work, perseverance and the desire to build a better life. In particular, my father’s work ethic and ability to overcome different obstacles to achieve his dream of owning a restaurant is very admirable. Over the years, I have met different people who have overcome to achieve. These types of stories, and sometimes working with these people through their journey, has filled me with the motivation to follow my own dreams.

Today, I am inspired by all sorts of different people. I believe everyone has a story that we can learn from. I am especially grateful for the people who have supported, mentored and advised me over the years, professionally and personally. The belief and confidence they placed in me has had a great impact in my life. I’ve also gained inspiration from the community connectors, builders and innovators; the people who engage and build up others. I was lucky enough to marry one of those humans and continue to find inspiration in my wife and partner, Kailee Brennan.