Photo by Lori Byrne

To be clear, I am not a woodworker, a builder or anything remotely similar. But I love puttering away with bits of wood and am getting braver with that saw (I still have all my fingers!!) This is the perfect project for someone who likes to create something from some scrap wood who also has very basic woodworking skills.

I’m of the mindset that you can’t have too many places to sit, especially when it comes to having a backyard bonfire or eating area. This little bench is great to pull up to the table for an extra bum or two to sit for a BBQ or pull it over to the bonfire pit for a friend or neighbour to join in for some S’more fun!

These plans were for the size of scrap wood I had at home. However, this can be adjusted for whatever length of bench you desire. The only piece of advice I offer is to make sure that the base is nearly as wide as the top, or it gets pretty tippy from end to end and the last thing you want to do is send someone tumbling!


Wood (I used pine but you could use pallet wood or whatever you have on hand)
Wood Sizes

4 Legs: 1″x7″ at 18″
2 Bottom Leg Braces: 1″x2″ at 14″
2 Top Leg Braces: 1″x2″ at 12 ¾”
3 Apron: 1″x4″ at 29″
2 Top: 1″x7″ at 35″

Wood Screws (I used 1 ½” #8)
Outdoor Paint (I used Benjamin Moore Porch and Floor paint in 2055-20 Pacific Ocean Blue)
Safety Glasses
Drill and drill bit for pre-drilling holes
Tape measure
Paint brush


  1. Cut your wood to size being very careful using the saw and wear your safety glasses
  2. Rough sand your edges
  3. Assemble the legs with the bottom brace on what will be the inside bottom of your leg, pre-drilling all your holes so you don’t split the wood and screw together
  4. Attach the top leg brace centred at the top of the leg, again, pre-drilling the screw holes before screwing it together
  5. Attach the two sets of legs with the apron flush with the top of the leg, pre-drilling before screwing it
  6. Attach the third apron length so it sits on top of the bottom leg brace, pre-drill and screw into the top of the leg brace
  7. Attach the top with a small gap, ¼” to ½”, making sure it is centred side to side as well as front to back. Pre-drill and screw from underneath, through the top leg brace so there are no holes on the top to hold water
  8. Sand the edges and any rough spots
  9. Paint with two coats of paint suitable for outdoors and let dry for the recommended dry time between coats
  10. Light a bonfire and pull your new bench up to enjoy the warmth of the fire and a toast yourself a few S’mores!