Decorating for a new arrival is such a fun part of expecting a baby. But, truly, babies are babies for such a short time so you want wall decor that will grow with them. This very simple, easy to make wall hanging is the perfect accent for the little Boho baby in your life.


  • Dowel or driftwood
  • 2 to 3 skeins of yarn in coordinating colours
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Painters Tape
  • Cord


1. Cut your lengths of yarn to the maximum length of the project, allowing a little extra for trimming.

2. Group your yarn into clusters of 3 to 7 threads, depending on the thickness, so they all have roughly the same bulk.

3. Starting in the center, create a loop with one cluster of yarn, going from back to front below your wood and flip the tail up over the wood and pull it through the loop, pulling it tight around the wood. And if this description doesn’t help, watch a YouTube video of how to tie a Larks Head Knot or Cow Hitch Knot.

4. Do this for the remainder of the clusters of yarn so that it is symmetrical.

5. Lay the wall hanging on a flat surface and make sure the yarn is all laying flat. Measure down the outside of the wall hanging to the length you want the sides and measure the center to length. Using painters tape, tape the line from side to center and trim with sharp scissors, repeating on the other side.

6. Loop your cord around the ends of the dowel or driftwood and tie off, creating a loop from which to hang it. Feel free to add a little embellishment with some wooden beads or handmade tassels out of some of the same yarn.

7. Hang the wall hanging in your nursery or gift it to a special little baby in your life.