Chalkboard Wrapping Paper
Chalkboard Paint and a brush
Brown paper packaging
Chalk (or a white pencil crayon)
Items to embellish the gift

Step 1: Tape the corners of your paper down so it doesn’t try to curl.
Step 2: Put on a coat of Chalkboard paint and let it dry.
Step 3: Apply a second coat of paint, if needed. (As this is gift wrap, the second coat is optional, if it was a proper chalkboard, follow the recommendations.)
Step 4: After it is good and dry, you’ll need to ‘prime’ your paper by rubbing a piece of chalk on its side all over the paper in both directions.
Step:  Wipe off all the chalk – see how this softens the colour?
Step 6: Wrap your gift.
Step 7: Embellish your gift to suit the recipient of the gift. (I’ve used a small linen canvas with an embossed snowflake and some simple jute twine.)
Step 8: Write a little message with chalk or pencil crayon on the gift itself – no gift tag required!
Step 9: Deliver the pretty package to the giftee with pride and a hug!

Gold Polka Dot Wrapping Paper
White Gift Wrap (previously purchased through
Stampin’ Up!)
Gold Acrylic Craft Paint
Pencil with a flat eraser
Items to embellish the gift

Step 1: Tape the corners of your paper down so the paper doesn’t curl up.
Step 2:  Pour a small amount of paint into a flat bottomed dish.
Step 3: Tap the end of your pencil into the paint.
Step 4: Apply the paint in a grid, creating rows of dots. This doesn’t have to be perfect, don’t measure it out or stress if they don’t line up quite right.
Step 5: Let the polka dots dry.
Step 6: Wrap your gift.
Step 7: Embellish the gift to suit the receiver of the gift. (I’ve added some red burlap ribbon and a chipboard letter that has been painted with chalkboard paint and written the name of the recipient.)
Step 8: Deliver the gift with a song and dance! (A Polka preferably!)

Chalkboard Gift Tag
Paint Sticks (thick, sturdy ones are best…
not previously used….)
Sand paper
Chalkboard Paint & brush
Bright String
Chalk or White coloured pencil

Step 1: CAREFULLY cut the paint stick into 3” sections.
Step 2: CAREFULLY drill a hole in the top of each tag.
Step 3: Sand off the rough edges.
Step 4: Paint with Chalkboard paint and let dry.
Step 5: Give them another coat, if needed and let dry.
Step 6: Thread your string through the hole.
Step 7: Tie it to your previously wrapped gift and write out the recipient’s name in chalk. (If you use chalk the tag is re-usable or in white colour pencil to be permanent).

Snowflake Embellished Gift
Brown paper packaging
Baker’s Twine
Sharp Scissors

Step 1: Wrap your gift in brown paper.
Step 2: Cut out a snowflake with your sharp scissors. (For snowflake patterns, check out Pinterest, there are loads of ideas!)
Step 3: Unfold your snowflake and lay over the top of the box.
Step 4: Wrap the box with twine to keep the snowflake in place.  If needed, hide some tape or glue under the snowflake to help keep it in place.
Step 5: Present the gift with a smile.