Photos by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

There’s nothing more confusing than wondering what row is what in your garden or is this basil, oregano or just a weed? These fun, upcycled garden stakes can easily mark your rows, your herbs or your favourite flowers in your garden or maybe you want to use these to label your houseplants! Whatever the case may be, you’ll soon find yourself hunting for old silverware at yard sales and estate auctions so you can make a stake for every growing thing in your yard or house!


Old Spoons (not stainless, they don’t hammer flat easily)
Metal Letter Punches
Painters Tape
Black marker or Paint
Anvil (or flat thick metal surface)
Safety Glasses
Soft cloth


Step 1. Put on your safety glasses!
Step 2. Lay your spoon on your anvil, bowl facing down and start hammering the bowl flat.
Step 3. Flip the spoon back and forth to flatten the bowl as you pound it flat. You may need to flatten the curve at the base of the handle as well.
Step 4. Select your letters for the herb, vegetable or flower you are stamping on the spoon. Lay a line of tape along the spoon where you want the base of your letters to be, this will help you place letters in a straight line. Start with the middle letter/s and work your way out.
Step 5. Use a permanent marker or black craft paint to fill in the stamped letters. Buff the extra marker or paint off with your soft cloth.
Step 6. Stick the handle of the spoon in the dirt at the base of the plant and never wonder what’s poking its way up in your garden again!