Haunted Driftwood House

Photo by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

Summer has come to a close and we are left with buckets of bits and bobs that we collected from the shores of our favourite beaches. So what do we do with it all? Well, you get creative and make yourself some spooky fall decorations, of course!
A haunted house made out of driftwood pieces and other odd bits of old wood makes for a fun way to decorate for fall. Each creation is going to look different based on what treasures you’ve found and what kind of haunted house you want to create.
I’m not a big fan of anything too spooky so my creation is more just a nod to a low-level spook and not a full-on creep. What can I say, I’m a scaredy-cat!

Weathered old boards
Paint and brushes
Carpenter’s glue
Saw and safety glasses

Step 1. Gather your driftwood to see what kind of creation you want to make. My ‘tree’ was the starting point of my haunted scene.
Step 2. Use a large piece of flat driftwood as the background (my piece is about 13” high and 7” wide) and paint the night sky – complete with full moon and a sprinkling of stars. Let dry.
Step 3. Cut a board to create the house (my house is 6” high and 3 ½” wide) and paint to suit your haunted house. Let dry.
Step 4. Sand all the painted pieces to create a more weathered textured.
Step 5. Using more driftwood, cut a roof and door for your house.
Step 6. Start gluing the pieces together to form your house, letting the glue dry between additions so the pieces stay in place.
Step 7. Hang up your haunted house and remember the fond memories of summer while being decorated for fall!