Nothing says fall like earth tones and rich textures and these fun little pumpkins incorporate both! These little beauties don’t take much time to make but will last for years to come. If you save your pumpkin stems off your pumpkins and let them dry, you can use them the following year. And if not, collect a few small pieces of driftwood to use or sticks from the yard.


Pumpkin stems, driftwood or sticks
Needle and quilting thread
Hot glue
Chalk or pencil
Something round to trace (about 10-14” across)


Step 1. Gather supplies to be sure you have everything you need.

Step 2. Trace your circle onto the back of the velvet.

Step 3. Cut out your circles with sharp scissors.

Step 4. Using a long running stitch, stitch around the outside of your circles.

Step 5. Pull the threads to gather it. Pull as tight as
you can but leave an opening and then stuff
it with stuffing.

Step 6. Pull the strings tight and knot them off.
Do some stitching back and forth to close
the hole over even more.

Step 7. Hot glue the stem in place.

Step 8. Decorate your home with your pretty
Velvet Pumpkins.

Alternate ideas – play with different fabrics, maybe a plaid, or cable-knit sweater. Think outside the fall colour palette and make some in colours that coordinate with your home.