I love good storage, unique wall décor and rustic wood. This DIY storage unit brings all those together and can have so many uses around the house.

You can set up a coffee station or hot chocolate station in your kitchen.  It could be used for wine bottles and glasses.  You could even use it to store jewelry.  Depending on your style, you can leave the wood natural or you could paint it.  DIY projects like this are so adaptable, you can even change up the size to meet your own needs for storage. All in all, a bit of style and storage that you can’t beat!

Screws (I used 2”, 1 ¼” wood screws)
Old wood
Old rake head
Square nails
Wall hooks

Safety glasses
Cordless drill with screw and drill bits
Skill saw
Sand paper
Tape measure
Straight Edge

Back Piece: 20” wide by 31” tall
(made up of two pieces of
tongue and groove in this case)
Back strapping: 2 pieces
1” wide by 18” long

Front – 1  piece 15” long by 4 ½” tall
Side – 2 pieces 4 ¾” long by 4 ½” tall
Bottom – 1 piece 4 ¾” wide by 13 ¼” long

STEP 1.  Select your wood.  I used boards from an old table top I found in our basement.  The older the wood, the more character your finished product will have.  You can also paint this, if that suits your décor better than rustic wood.

STEP 2. Cut and join your back pieces together with a board running horizontally along the top and the bottom.  In all cases, I would recommend you pre-drill all your holes before screwing everything together.  Nothing is more frustrating than having your project split on you – trust me!!  Sand each raw cut, too, as this will make the finished product easier to handle.

STEP 3.  Build your shelf by cutting the four pieces of wood to form the sides, bottom and front of the shelf, pre-drilling and sanding as you go.  I made mine shelf deep enough to hold a large mason jar.  I also used square nails to attach the front of my shelf for some added character.

STEP 4.  Attach your shelf to the back piece using several long screws, your shelf will be holding some weight.

STEP 5. Attach your old rake below the shelf.

STEP 6.  Attach hooks on the back that will carry a fair amount of weight and secure it into studs when you hang it up.

STEP 7. Store your coffee supplies and mugs or wine and glasses on your newly built storage unit.