When you have a piece of furniture that just isn’t doing it for you anymore, before you sell it, send it to the landfill or give it away, consider breathing new life into it with a coat of paint. The power of paint to transform a piece is astounding. I’m sure about half the people reading this are cringing­—no, not paint!! But I say go for it! If it has no real value as an antique, you aren’t out anything but you stand to gain a real show stopper. Maybe it’s a piece you picked up at a yard sale or flea market, so your initial investment is usually pretty low, too.

For this rocker, I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Artissimo, which is one of my personal favourites to work with, but there are lots of paints on the market. The key is to do the proper prep work for the type of paint you’re using and the piece you’re painting.


  • A piece of furniture that is solid wood
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Sand paper—220 grit or higher
  • Top coat, if required (I used Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil)

STEP 1. If there are any repairs required,

STEP 2. Prep your piece – for this rocker and paint
combination, it meant a quick sand

STEP 3. Paint the first coat of paint on and let dry.

STEP 4. Paint the second coat and let dry.

STEP 5. Apply a third coat or any touch ups that
are required.

STEP 6. Do another light sand with 220 grit or higher sandpaper.

STEP 7. Apply the top coat as recommended by manufacturer.

STEP 8. Let cure the recommended time.

STEP 9. Enjoy your transformed piece of furniture!