Slice Up Some Christmas Cheer


You asked for it you got it. Thank you to everyone who responded to our on-line poll. Wood sliced décor is one of the hottest holiday trends this year. They are warm and rustic but can fit into even modern design. Bring the outside in with this easy to make wreath project. Depending on what you use for greenery, you can save this wreath to use year after year.


  • Tree branch or trunk
  • Wreath frame (flat MDF)
  • Glue – hot glue and wood glue
  • Berries and Branches (real or artificial)
  • Ribbon

STEP 1. Cut down a tree that has the diameter of wood slice you want or find a piece of firewood. I used slices that are about 3” across.

STEP 2. Slice each slice about 1/4” thick, being very careful to keep all your fingers.

STEP 3. Lay out the wood slices on the wreath frame until you get the look you want. I used two layers to cover the gaps and exposed bits of wreath frame.

STEP 4. Glue the slices onto a wooden wreath frame using hot glue or wood glue.

STEP 5. Let the glue set.

STEP 6. Gather branches, pine cones, berries or buy some picks from the local craft supply store if you want your wreath to last longer.

STEP 7. Lay out your greenery to see how you want it.

STEP 8. Hot glue it in place.

STEP 9. Tie a bow and hot glue it onto your greenery

STEP 10. Hang your new wreath on your door or gift it to someone special.