Dreaming of warm, sunny summer days on the water? Collecting driftwood is always a fun way to enjoy the beach weather. But what do you do with all the driftwood you collect? Why not make yourself a sailboat to help you remember these lazy hazy days long after summer has come and gone? If you happen to hoard fabric as well as driftwood, this is a great way to use some of those scraps up, too.

Photo by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

Long, flat piece of driftwood for the boat
Tall, skinny, round piece of driftwood
for the mast
2 different fabrics
Iron-on interfacing
6 small eye hooks
Thread and needle
Sewing machine
Iron and ironing board
Drill and drill bit the size of your mast

Step 1. Drill a hole in the middle of the flat piece — the base of your boat.
Step 2. Dry fit the mast into the hole to be sure the hole is the right size.
Step 3. Add eyelets on the top and bottom of either side of the mast and one on each end of the boat.
Step 4. Glue the mast into the hole and let dry while you make your sails.
Step 5. Trace out two triangles on the interfacing that will fit the triangular spacing between the eyelets and cut out.
Step 6. Iron interfacing onto your fabrics and trim leaving enough of an edge to fold over.
Step 7. Iron over edges and sew into place.
Step 8. Hand stitch corners of sails into the eyelets.
Step 9. Cut a triangle out of cardboard and glue to the top of the mast.
Step 10. Sail away on summer memories!