Editor’s Letter Fall 2019

My Mum is painting the door to her new little house a bright crimson. It’s the colour that will soon ignite my Burning Bush shrubs at the end of my driveway. As I helped her put a second coat on the steel door there was a chill in the air and my feet were cold in my flip-flops. It was quite a shift in temperature from only a few nights ago when I sat on the deck of another family member’s cottage wearing my bathing suit and shorts, sipping wine and telling stories long after the stars filled the sky. As I pulled my brush through the thick paint trying not to drip on the doorknob I had a pang of both sadness and admiration for my Mum. On the other side of this half-ajar door was so much change. There have been many alterations to her life in the last few years and here she was adorning her threshold in a happy hue that said welcome to my new life.
As I learn to embrace more change in my family and work life, I am learning that what most people fear most is not change itself but the uncertainty that comes with it. It’s that place in between where we are just not quite sure what will happen next. It’s up to all of us to decide if that place is going to be uncomfortable or a chance to renew.
September, there is no other month that mingles its beauty with such change, shifting and transition. The melancholy of closing up the cottage or the last game of washer toss at the campground melds into the excitement on new fall schedules and the mouthwatering anticipation of biting into a crisp apple fresh from the orchard.
As my heart tugs at the change that comes to my own household this fall as child number three and first daughter heads of to university, I am trying to reach into the space in between the ending and beginnings where I find a little stillness and opportunity to ready myself for this next leap. I find myself reading more about being change adept and how some people can accept, manage and even yearn for change while others have a hard time changing the cereal they eat for breakfast. I think it’s in the DNA of some people and for others it’s a skill they struggle to achieve that is no different than learning to swim when you naturally sink like a rock.
These days change is met with a high five everywhere you go…well except when it comes to climate. Change Makers, Game Changers are sought after, lauded as visionaries and the ones to Change the World!
As you flip though the pages in this issue you will see and read a celebration for change. “At Home with Nanda Shirke; Being a Friend First” would not even be a story if Nanda and her husband hadn’t made a change in their life and moved to our community 10 years ago. If you have ever thought you wouldn’t enjoy Indian food, Nanda’s recipes, that will be released in our on-line magazine later this month, will definitely change your mind and have you craving curry faster than you can say, “Pass the naan bread.”
From the change of scenery that comes with painting en plein air to the changing trends that have made houseplants and macramé plant hangers cool again to the change of pace of building a home over the span of almost a decade there is lots to shift your mind to as you start to move into another beautiful season on the north shore.
I still need to give my Mum’s door another coat of that crimson paint so what used to be there is covered up. But just like life, there will still be a few little gaps around the hinges or an edge that isn’t perfect that will allow a little peak at what used to be. No matter how much life changes there are always beautiful layers underneath to remind us of what was there before.

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Crystal likes to think about her forays in journalism like interval training. " I have had a wonderful freedom to be home when I needed to be and work when the spirit moved me. In the spaces between I have learned things about myself, my family and my community that I hope will find a rightful place in the new and refreshed pages of At Home on the North Shore. "