Editor’s letter: Spring 2018

When I was running my dogs on the beach this weekend I was doing a little mental review of what we have on the pages of our spring issue, in particular our cover story Seven’s Heaven and Taking it Outside and Inside with Sue Stanfield. I remembered that I used a form of the word “gestation” in both stories. My first thought was to get back to my computer for a quick edit. Was I using the word just because I was writing about women? Their pregnancies were not the focus of the feature but it was obviously part of their personal journeys and there is no question that there are nine beautiful children between the two stories. Was it somehow anti-feminist of me to use the words just because I was writing about women? Would the word have even occurred to me if my stories were more focused on their male partners? Was I just having my usual panic before publication that I made a mistake or a misrepresentation? I decided to just let it be and let the words sit where I put them as an underpinning of an ongoing theme that seems to emerge in each and every issue of At Home on the North Shore. We have incredible women, some mums and some not, with multiple dimensions to their life doing amazing things in Nova Scotia.

At Home on the North Shore is a magazine for everyone but in this particular snapshot in time when women’s issues are making headlines almost everyday, I can’t help myself from wanting to continue to champion the women and girls in our communities.

In this issue they are an artist, a vet, a retailer, a farmer, a professional organizer, a festival planner, a chef, a designer and a whiskey-making Olympian. Because of them we have stories about a beautifully renovated house that makes room for seven kids, a farm that grows happiness, a business woman challenging the marketplace, a couple who demonstrate the upside of a downsize, pizza that will have you fighting for the last slice, an artist whose work will bring a new meaning to walking on egg shells and tips and tricks to stay organized and how to put on the brakes when it’s time to slooow down. It’s all in there and I would say with at least an 80/20 split for the girls this time because we can’t forget our favourite photographer. As much as these stories speak to women they also speak of hope and a chance for new beginnings that is synonymous with the emerging season.

Maybe it’s because I had two golden hair babies in the spring. Maybe it’s because I love a fun pair of rubber boots. Maybe it’s the smell of the earth as the frost heaves its way out from under winter’s mantle. Maybe it’s the moment just before the buds of the trees burst open where sun and chlorophyll do their thing and colour realizes that it’s alive. Maybe it’s all of these and a few more that makes this my favourite time of year to refresh, renew and believe that all things are possible.

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