Editor’s Letter Spring 2019

I wish Mother Nature could just flip the switch between winter and spring and just get on with things. But alas, we know that spring on the North Shore comes as a wonderful bundle of contradictions. Ice can still blow in the Strait as the lobster fishers prepare to set their first traps. We can set out for the day scraping our frosted windshields and by noon have a lunchtime stroll in our short sleeves. Tiny crocus show off their beautiful brute strength as they poke their heads up through the crusts of spring snow and rain puddles can quickly transform to mirrors of frozen glass to remind us not to pack up the winter gear too fast. In the words of Mark Twain, “In the spring I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” He must have spent some time in Nova Scotia!
However, if there is one thing that is consistent with the leap to this new season it is hope. It is hope that fills the spaces that exist between these times of transition. It’s the force that keeps us all moving forward, even on our darkest days. It inspires us, strengthens us and empowers us. It’s such a gentle sounding word but it carriers a lot of clout. Hope means that you believe in change. It’s a potent and positive contagion that can cure a lot of ills. There is no coincidence that Cancer Awareness Month, World Health Day, Earth Day, and many spiritual celebrations find themselves in this new season. Spring and hope are as tied together as a healthy mind, body and spirit.
This spring I am calling in all of my reserves of hope for some very special people who are courageously battling cancer and I am channeling my hope towards a positive resolution to the pulp mill/environment issues that have been polarizing families and friends. I am also hopeful that this issue of At Home will find you at a time when you need a little colour and lightness in you life.
I laughed when I received Lindsay Cameron Wilson’s story “Food In Full Bloom.” Her feature resonated with the same theme. As we patiently await the first blush of the new season we need to be creative as to how we bring colour back into our lives and onto our plates. Her story will have you in the pink in no time!
I love photos of people laughing. If I could fill an entire magazine with people completely unfettered from the idea that there is a camera pointed in their direction, I would. There is so much joy, so much fun, so much play, and so much laughter on these pages that you can’t help but feel happy. You can see a smile but if you capture a laugh at the right time you can hear the musicality of it lift right from the page. It starts right from the front cover to Steve Smith’s pictures of artist Louise Cloutier having a chuckle in her eclectically appointed kitchen in River Phillip, to the giggles between friends Amy MacInnis and Allison Gaudett celebrating their tag team kitchen makeover in MacLellans Brook, to the infectious laughter of Sara Bonnyman dancing amongst the day lilies in her splendid garden in Tatamagouche. It’s spring, well kind of, we all should be laughing!
I walked out of my office the other day for the first time in months without layers of down and smart wool. I felt like I might almost float away. It’s been a long winter with some heavy moments that have at times weighed me down. It’s time that we all unfetter ourselves from the heftiness of winter and start to warm up, lighten up, and let hope bubble up and spring us forward into this season synonymous with new beginnings. Enjoy!

Crystals Signature