Ever leaf through a magazine like this and see a beautiful wreath and say, “I wish I could do that?” Well, now you can because we’re going to walk through how you can make this beautiful wreath using simple faux materials and fresh items that you can source locally.
For this project, on a seasonably warm day, my dad and I headed out to some family property to snip some greenery. I usually try to gauge what I need, and if there’s any left over, I love to throw it in a vase with water for decoration.
If you don’t have a favourite location where you can grab some snippets, local grocery stores often sell boughs of pine, spruce and cedar, which will give you plenty to work with. I also grabbed two types of eucalyptus from a local flower farmer to add some dimension to the monochromatic greenery and snipped some end-of-season lavender from my home garden. Finding various shades of greens can add depth and interest to your wreath.

Steps and tips:

  • For your greenery, bring along some scissors or pruning shears (recommended tool) and a bag or box to collect your items.
  • Fluff your wreath. Most of the time these have been tucked in boxes and then put on the shelf or stored until the following holiday. Spend some time fluffing out the branches to prepare the base.
  • These wreaths are quite full and it’s easy to insert your greenery securely. Each branch also has wire in it, making it easy to insert your live pieces and give them something to hang onto.
  • If you like a balanced look, treat the wreath like a clock and start at 12, 3, 6, and 9 to create symmetry on the wreath.
  • Remember, you can’t mess this up. It’s easy to take pieces out or add more—there’s no right or wrong way to do this.
  • This project can also be done with live greenery wreaths, however, they may not last as long.
Tip: Spritz the wreath with water from the back to keep your cuts hydrated and lasting a little longer.

Add a pop of colour

Going back to faux items, you can easily add some holiday embellishments such as winter berry is often a favourite as are pine cones, and when the holidays are over, pop in some neutrals like white berries, or swap out your ribbon to enjoy this wreath as winter décor. The blue velvet ribbon here makes this the perfect wreath for our door during the cold winter months.

Share a fun activity

This activity is a great low-cost activity, a way to get outside for some fresh air, involve the kids in foraging, or make it a craft night with friends. Fire up the hot chocolate, throw on some Christmas tunes, and enjoy a fun night where everyone leaves with a special piece of décor.
If you get creative, make sure to tag @athomeonthenorthshore so we can see what you create.

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Nicole Leblanc is a communications professional, a passionate community volunteer, and current town councillor who loves DIY. She lives in Trenton with her husband and beloved dog—and when she’s not getting crafty, she can be found exploring Nova Scotia, meeting new people, and being involved in projects that make our communities better.