A little texture goes a long way in enhancing your home’s interior. Whether it’s real or faux, stone is sure at add a whole other dimension to your space.

It isn’t uncommon to see a beautiful stone fireplace these days and wonder if it’s real stone or not. Usually the age of the building might give you a clue but with some of the new faux stones products on the market, it’s getting harder to know for sure. The one thing you can count on from stone in your home, real or not, is the added texture and warmth. With so many hard, flat surfaces in a typical build, adding the rich texture of stone is sure to enhance the ambiance.

The reasons why people would lean towards faux stone over the real thing make it an easy sell. Here are a few of the top reasons:

Lighter Weight: Due to the materials that make up faux stone, it is a lighter weight product to install in your home. This can also mean that no additional structural support is required when adding stone to your building. (Check with your builder and stone supplier to confirm structural requirements) But it isn’t only the fact that the product is lighter weight, they are able to make the veneers much thinner, too.

Since the manufacturing of faux stone creates a more uniform product, the installation process is a simpler one, making the cost of installation less than real stone. There are a variety of forms that faux stone comes in, including large sheets that interlock to stones that are hand-placed, meaning you can pick the type of installation that best suits your budget.

Faux Stone is easier to access than some natural products. The process of harvesting and shipping natural stone can make accessing natural stone more costly than faux stone. Building supply stores can easily order stone in from a variety of suppliers, making custom-ordering the exact product you want more feasible.

There are such a wide variety of type and colour of stone available, and not being limited by accessing only can is found locally means that you can select the perfect stone for your home. Pay close attention to the variation of colours in the selection you’ve made, you don’t want any surprises when the stone is delivered!

If you are considering adding stone to your interior, be sure to consider the overall esthetic of the space. Certain styles of stone can be add a sense of formality and others can be very causal. If you want your stone to stand out and really become the focal point, if it’s a fireplace or accent wall, then you may want to consider a stone that contrasts. A stone that is more subtle will blend in. You may even want to use a faux stone you love as your starting point for your interior decorating game plan.

All in all, faux stone is a smart choice for today’s home renovation or build. Talk to the experts at your home supply store today about what might be the right choice for you.