Be brave, be bold!
Let your burst of ideas be told!
No need to find a rhyme
The words, the music are inside you.
Don’t be afraid. Step outside, but reach in
You never know what you will find.

By Warren Cameron
Smile cocked like a loaded 12 gauge
walk like the world’s my stage
don’t feel like I’m my age
sometimes too old.
the stress grows on my mind like a mold
like a plague
just don’t want to be seen as a fake
think I’m going have to catch the snake
if I want to win the race
so I can stick it in their face
all I need is to be best of the best
better than the rest
but wait – I already am
is it confidence
or cockiness?
both radiate from him
like a bomb
his wisdom will make you think
everybody needs a hero
and mine is far from a 10
but definitely not a zero.

By Burke Murray
Hands are for thumb wars and rock
paper scissors
Hands are for gripping your pencil and writing stories
Hands are for saving lives
Hands are for pulling the trigger and protecting our country
Hands are for helping other hands.

By Claire Wilson
I know there’s someone out there
Someone who appreciates the muscles
Someone who thinks having rough, calloused hands is a good thing
Someone who listens to all of your rants and stories without complaining
Someone who takes your weirdness as a part of you and loves it because they are weirder
Someone who understands the language of your favourite sport because it’s theirs as well
Someone who doesn’t think you’re weird or scary because you like dark clothes, bold makeup and heavy music
Someone who gets excited over the little things and too excited over the big things
Someone who you can talk to for hours and never get bored
Someone who likes you from the inside and thinks your looks are just a bonus point
The thing is you see… I’ve already found my someone but I’m afraid they haven’t found theirs.

A Broken image
By Torrie O’Brien
I stare at my body.
Through a mirror that is broken and shattered in places.
I look into my reflection but all I see is a pale imperfection.
I hit the mirror again hoping the image will change but it never does.
Disappointing me day after day.
I give up trying, you know trying to be beautiful

By Alex McCulloch
“What are your hobbies”
He asks.
“The woods”
I reply.
“The woods can’t be a hobby”
I lean back in my chair and look him
in the eye…

I like to believe it takes something to walk beyond the border of the trees,
beyond our so called boundaries of safety.

To take the unknown depths of the trees
and turn in to something well known
to yourself.

I find it comforting to be among other creatures
and to know, no matter where you go,
you are surrounded by this everlasting source of flourishing life.

I like to believe it is a hobby
to find comfort in a place where others only find fear