Found Drowned Kept Me In Suspense


Based on a true story, this first novel of Laurie Glenn Norris is hauntingly beautiful. Set between Cumberland County, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Glenn Norris captures the essence of an unsolved murder from 1877 that links both of these communities.
When a body washes up on shore and is discovered by two young boys
on Prince Edward Island, the community comes together to first conclude she did not belong to them and then to put in an effort to lay her to rest.
Flipping through time to connect us with both families, the story offers intrigue, character development and a glimpse of the past while making us ask questions of a story that may never be solved. It was an easy way to travel back to a time of horses and train rides while it was difficult to imagine a murder so heartbreaking.
Although Found Drowned is Glenn Norris’ first novel, as resident of River Herbert, Nova Scotia she is an historian and author of non-fiction pieces and award-winning books. Hopefully Found Drowned will not be the last of her novels as it brings light to the history that makes our province interesting and widens her audience with its beauty.
Confessing in a GoodReads write-up that it took her more than 25 years to write, it was well worth the wait in my opinion though I hope it doesn’t take that long for Glenn Norris to write another one.