Get a grip on the trendiest knobs

Photos by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

There seems to be an abundance of stylish knobs on the market and the stores that carry them these days are just as plentiful. You’ve seen them, you’ve picked up a few of the ones that caught your eye. There’s glass, hand-painted, wood, antler, metal, concrete, retro, Victorian, the list could go on! But maybe you wonder what you can do with these knobs as they pull at your imagination?
The possibilities are endless but here’s a few ideas to get the wheels turning.
The most common idea would be to change up the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. Nothing adds spark and interest like new knobs to tired, dated cupboards. This would be a quick, easy refresh that could be done in an hour but would make a big statement.
With a few simple changes, you can take an old piece of furniture from blah to wow! This dresser started out as a dated piece that was left behind, but now, it’s ready for a new life in the bedroom of a sweet girl. Granted, this piece also got a fresh coat of paint. But even the simple act of changing out the knobs would still create quite a transformation. Whether it’s a dresser like this one, or an old, weathered armoire, or some new IKEA furniture, nothing can escape the power of
a simple makeover.
Another idea if you can’t decide which of your favourites to take home, buy three or four of your favourite ones and add them to a board to create a fun, colourful jewelry hanger or coat rack. This would also make a great gift for a hostess, housewarming party or a gift for a teen-aged fashionista’s birthday party.
Adding different knobs to builder’s cabinets can help set the theme for kids’ bathrooms or bedrooms, too, whether it is adding them to bathroom cabinets or desk drawers, or even their closet doors. Little starfish or anchors for the little pirates or mermaids in your life, they’ll love it and it’ll make a boring builders space shine! Sometimes, something as little as their very own choice of knobs can give them the feeling that they helped make your house into their home, too.
No doubt there are lots of other fun ideas out there for all the fabulous knobs, I’ll leave that creativity up to you, just have fun hunting for the perfect knobs for your next project.