When yard sale season starts, the urge to hit the road is strong. I know there are treasures to be found and deals to be made. The only thing that makes hitting the yard sales even better is going on the hunt with your best friend.

Just about anywhere in Nova Scotia there are community yard sales that stretch on for miles. They have become a pilgrimage for yard sales officandos like my friend Janice and me. Last summer we logged our day-long adventure when we hit the West Colchester 75k yard sale that stretches from Onslow to Parrsboro. Follow along and you can use our tour of backyards, parking lots and garages to plan your own trek for treasures this summer.


6:42 am
Woke up to no alarm—oops!
Later start than planned…

7:40 am
Roll out with cash on hand and an empty car.

8:01 am
Drop kids off to another friend.

9:00 am
First stop and first purchases of the day—stool $5, wicker table $4, pottery dish, silver candlestick and a bag of random little toy dinosaurs for 25 cents each.

9:26 am
Friendship at stake—Janice snagged a $10 quilt that I had my eye on.

9:55 am
Picked up a low table $5 and three bowls for $2.


10:00 am
Have a conversation that we would try to only stop at the really hot spots, we need to pace ourselves!!

10:05 am
Stop at next yard sale we see.

10:21 am
Car Star parking lot is loaded with goodies that appeal to me, bought an old, orange toy car with flowers on the hood (later contacted seller about a sign I saw and purchased it, too)..

10:43 am
Commercial Safety College parking lot is loaded with vendors—I buy wooden shoes from Belgium for $7, three glass fishing floats for $9 and three of those fabulous crocheted dishcloths for $6.

10:45 am
Masstown Market for food!!

11:47 am
Quilt Stop—the most beautiful quilts, strung on clotheslines put up just for this day and blowing gently in the breeze—scored a pair of leather boots and a pair of leather sandals for $10.

11:55 am
So hungry, we stopped for strawberry shortcake!

12:04 pm
Drove past Balamore Farms where some of our beef cows now reside.

12:29 pm
Stop at a yard sale and end up getting a complete house tour by Roger and Robert!

1:59 pm
Back in the car after perusing the Great Village Antique shops, bought a $15 birdcage.


2:25 pm
Tour Joy Laking’s studio, bought some postcards of her work

2:45 pm
Old Bass River Chair Company, explored all the floors.

Heading back to the Great Village shops so Janice could buy some fabric she spotted on our first visit.

3:23 pm
Desperate for coffee!
Timmies stop!

4:25 pm
Last stop of the day, swung by Phillips and Chestnut for some supplies to work on our new purchases!



Janice’s Yard Sale Tips 101

  • Stock up on breath mints—vendors are more likely to grant a great price to shoppers who are minty fresh.
  • Do a squat check before leaving home, no one appreciates a plumber’s crack!
  • Know your coffee stops—You don’t want to be at risk of fizzling out.
  • Take snacks to avoid getting ‘hangry’
  • Bring a measuring tape!
  • Cash is king—have lots of small bills and change on hand.Yard-Sale_IceCream

Yard sales are a great way to while away a summer day. With a little cash in hand you can go a long way… in some case 100 kms long! It really is true that one person’s trash is another one’s treasure. Breathing new life into used and previously loved items is a great way to reduce what goes into the landfill. It can also save you from having to pay full retail for items such as clothing, toys and household items, whether it’s tools, decorating pieces or furniture. The thrill of the hunt, and not knowing you might find keeps me hitting the road summer after summer! Plus, you never know when you might get to catch a glimpse of a beautiful old home along the way!

If you’d like to grab your friend and hit 2017 West Colchester Yard Sale, it’s being held the second weekend in July, rain or shine!

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