If your walls could talk, they would ask for some of today’s wallpaper!

Wallpaper is no longer tiny flowers with a border and plastered all over the four walls of a room.  Wallpaper has come so far from what we remember in our grandparents’ house.  Wallpaper is now a stylish way to bring more oomph to your home, drawing your eye to a special wall or area.

Wallpaper patterns have evolved over the years from matchy-matchy to strong, dominate patterns for a hit of wow within a space.  Accent walls are in and borders are out.  Wallpaper is a great way to add some subtle shine to a wall, or fabulous texture.  It can set the tone for the rest of the décor in a room, tying a certain theme or style together better than a coat of paint could ever do for your home.

Wallpaper can also hide a multitude of sins, if done right.

If your walls are rough, wallpaper without much sheen but lots of texture, can help mask the unevenness.  But be warned, if you are living in an old house without a level line, you’ll want to avoid anything with a straight line as that can just make the unevenness more obvious.

As with any product we use within our homes, knowing what prep work is required can make the job go smoothly and the finished product look the way it was meant. And, as we know, if the right prep work is done when the wallpaper is hung, taking it down is so much easier.  So many people won’t use wallpaper because of a bad experience trying to remove it. Talk to your wallpaper supplier about the proper prep work so you are satisfied with the finished product.

So, where should you use a hit of wallpaper?
–    Create a dramatic headboard wall in a bedroom.
–    Make your focal wall really pop.
–    Design a stunning powder room.
–    Bring some drama into the dining room.
–    Add some character to a bland hall.
–    Pack some punch on the back of a bookcase or cabinet.
–    Add some interest above wainscoting or in the recessed portion of a paneled wall.

There are so many ways to use wallpaper within your home without having to paper all your walls.  Just adding a little here or there can dramatically change the way your room feels.  So, let your walls do some of your talking for you with a layer of wallpaper that says, ‘Wow, look at me!’