Inspired by the Empowerment of Self-Love

CHELSEA SUTHERLAND – Creative Spirit and Entrepreneur

For myself, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a creative being, I can, at times, be faced with obstacles that interrupt the peaceful, positive, and productive way I choose to live my life. It’s easier, it seems, to find gratitude in flow, than in ebb.

Ironically, I find in these moment, lies the greatest of opportunities. In a “rock bottom” type effect, we may become the most inspired in the darkest of times if we choose to do so. In the way that disturbing social affairs provoke strength, protest, and action. A health scare inspires attention to self care, and a rut or general boredom can be exactly the blessing we need to start actively searching for the solution.

For myself, a need to shine light on self love, and to unify the women in our community, inspired me to organize a body confidence calendar, raising money for an award given to local high school girls who have done something kind, to empower another girl. A fear of becoming irrelevant as a mentor in the beauty industry gave me the courage to do my first post-baby photoshoot, and re-enter the world of competition after a three year hiatus.