CHRISTINA MARTIN – Award-winning singer/songwriter

“There have been a lot of people over the years, friends and mentors, who I saw doing things that helped other people and helped me, and that was inspiring – the act of helping. I could see the benefit, and it made me want to do things that make a difference.

It was probably going to see other musicians play live that inspired me to want to do something similar. It’s always other people who inspire me. Reading always triggers something. Seeing other live acts. Art inspires art.

Travelling; I’ve always loved doing that and learning to take care of myself and meeting new people. There’s no shortage of adventure and inspiration if you’re willing to take a risk and make mistakes and put yourself out there. The one thing I’ve found is that no matter where you go, there are these common things between everyone in every culture that resonate with people: love, loss, pain, suffering. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t traveled so much.