ARCHAN KNOTZ – Multi-disciplinary artist and open water swimmer

“We had just moved to the shore and I decided to take up swimming again; I used to swim competitively as a young child. I saw myself as a pool girl and I’m intimidated by the open water so I feel empowered after I’ve swum my thousand meters. At the same time, there is a recognition of being part of being the ocean, our original home, where we all came from. The open water is a challenge but at the same time, the water calls out to a person

Open water swimming is influencing my paintings all the time. I really think it has something to do with working on finding myself. Not being separate. I have to work to get in the water but once I’m in there, it’s like my DNA recognizes a home. It does something in me. The same thing happens when I paint: there’s no separation. I become one with what I do. Swimming is beautiful when it flows but sometimes it’s just a struggle. It’s the same with painting. When you relax into it, and say ‘This is how it is today,’ there is a feeling of acceptance.”