Jean Mills, Author

A perfect summer beach read for those young adults on the North Shore looking for something to occupy their time. Mills writes of approachable, loveable characters who are real and have dark pasts with a setting we are all so familiar with. While the name of Tuttle Harbour is fictitious, the story refers to places we all know – River John and Seafoam being featured. Tuttle Harbour itself is based on the seaside and, of course, the picturesque village of Pugwash.

Waves started out rocky in Toronto with the decision to have Larkin visit her father’s grandmother in Tuttle Harbour while her father visited her mother’s grandparents on the west coast. Larkin, happy for the reprieve so close to the end of a difficult school year, was hesitant about what she’d do with such a drastic change of pace.

At sixteen years old, travelling alone and to spend time with a grandmother she rarely talked to, Larkin focused on escaping her old life and her sordid relationship with books. That was until the job her grandmother hired her for involved books and boys, both of which she was trying to avoid.

This story pulls you in from the very first chapter and keeps ahold until the very end with perfectly crafted foreshadowing and escapism, including kayaking with seals.
No matter how self-isolated we need or want to be, seeking refuge on the north shore comes naturally and the salty breeze offers relief and healing no matter how dark the storm.

Mills herself balances her time between Guelph, Ontario and Pugwash, Nova Scotia with her book published by Red Deer Press. It is made complete with a cover quote from Sheree Fitch herself.

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Sarah Butland has been embracing change and local talents while staying at home and will continue to celebrate the brilliance and wonder of Pictou County throughout the summer months. With books by local authors, beaches and trails in our own backyards, and the people who bring joy and laughter virtually, there really is no place like home.