Let the Sun Shine In


It’s time to greet the longer days and the warmer sunshine and hopefully welcome some more guests into our homes, too. This bright Welcome mat will offer up a sunny hello to both Spring and company.

Sunshiny welcome mat

Coir mat
Craft Paint – yellow, orange and black
Welcome stencil
Painter’s tape
Stencil brush
Regular paint brush


Step 1 Tape off a frame around the outer edge of the mat to your desired size frame.
Step 2 Paint it black and let dry.
Step 3 Tape over your black frame to avoid getting yellow and orange paint on it. I left my inside row of painter’s tape to create a gap between the frame and the sun.
Step 4 Freehand sunshine and rays by layering yellow and orange paint until you are satisfied with your sunshine. Let dry.
Step 5 Position your stencil, tape it in place and dab the black paint on using the stencil brush and let dry.
Note: You may need to do a few layers to get the intensity of colour you want for it to stand out.
Step 6 Place your sunny welcome mat on your doorstep to welcome Spring with open arms.