Photo by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

If you’re anything like me, finding the perfect serving tray that not only gets the job done but looks fabulous too isn’t the easiest task out there. Give me something with character, something that isn’t run of the mill to serve my guests with, they deserve only the best. And if I can’t find it, I’ll make it!
Nothing has character like live-edge wood. With texture, depth and, if you’re lucky, some history. But maybe, if the tree didn’t grow on the family property, you could raid Grandpa’s closet for an old leather belt to make the handles – I’m sure he won’t miss just one belt, right?
A hardwood species is the best for this project so that you don’t have the sticky sap of a soft wood to deal with.

Live-edge Serving Tray

• Piece of live-edge hardwood (mine is 18” by 10” and 1 ½” thick)
• Various grits of sandpaper (I used 60 down to 220)
• Felt pads

• Hemp Oil or an alternate product made for cutting boards
• Old leather belt
• Leather punch
• Brass screws

Sand your piece of live-edge so it’s soft and buttery, I started with 60-grit and worked down to 220-grit
STEP 2 Oil it, rubbing the oil in with a 220-grit sandpaper, and let cure the recommended time
STEP 3 Cut the belt into two equal pieces, roughly 12 inches each
STEP 4 Mark your spots where you will be attaching the belt to the sides of the tray and pre-drill your holes in the wood and cut holes in the leather with a punch to align with your pre-drilled holes
STEP 5 Screw the leather pieces onto the board, brass screws add a bold bit of gold tones
STEP 6 Invite your bestie over for a cup of coffee and yummy sweets and serve them on your new serving tray