Lino Print Christmas Card

Photo by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

In this digital day and age, getting ‘real’ mail that isn’t a bill or junk mail, seems like such a treat. And a handmade Christmas card from a dear friend or family member would be even better. These lino print cards are a great way to do just that, you can make your design and print it as many times as you’d like. And you can go as basic or detailed as your artistic talents allow.
This project took me back to my elementary years of art class, I loved the nostalgic experience of this project, paired with the imperfect artistic element to carving the lino block. Handmade Christmas cards speak to that old-fashioned holiday feeling, too, a great way to spend the chilly nights by the fire, making and handwriting personal messages to those you hold dear.

Carving Knives
Lino block
Marker to write on lino block

NOTE: I ordered a kit that had everything I needed to do this project except the paper, but you may be able to source it without having to order online. Ordering a complete kit allows a beginner to try it out without purchasing individual items at a higher price point to try your hand at it before really committing to high quality products.

Step 1. Plan your design on paper, then transfer it to your block but remember it’ll be reversed once it is printed. It won’t matter so much for images but any lettering will need to be carved in reverse.
Step 2. Cut the areas you want left blank on the finished product.
Step 3. Ink your roller, being sure to get a
good even coat over the roller.
Step 4. Apply ink to the lino block.
Step 5. Lay your card stock over the block and press the paper onto the block, be sure not to move the paper or you’ll smudge your design.
Step 6. Carefully remove the card stock and let it dry.
Step 7. You can dress up your card more by layering your image over a contrasting coloured paper or by adding some ribbon
or twine.
Step 8. Write your greeting inside the card and tuck it in an envelope and
send it on its merry way!!