Baxter is a brave voice, one of many in the county that she speaks for. In approximately one year she did the research, penned many stories and met so many local opinions balanced with astounding facts we all should be privy to.

Book-Review_The-Mill2The number one best-selling book in Nova Scotia for December 2017 for Chapters/Coles, The Mill is fully loaded with views from all sides who wished to be featured. The obviously missing party was The Mill itself who was asked, along with board members and politicians, but declined to speak with Baxter about her “project”.

This book is hard to read based on the story it tells of our community but written in a format that even young readers with a yearning to learn more about their environment will enjoy. With a glimpse of Nova Scotian history while covering comparisons to other like businesses, Baxter met with those who lost their lumber businesses based on their decision to stand up for what they felt and still feel is best for our forests and health.

Asking for answers wasn’t easy for this Tatamagouche resident as so much information and the real truth was difficult to reveal. Baxter gives an example of her struggle to find the truth and the complexities of telling the full story with continued obstacles like a power point promised to her after filing Freedom of Information request only to receive a document that was missing the majority of its contents. Working to uncover truths was a challenge as main sources were not available to speak with her and layers of paperwork on top of multiple changes of ownership clouded perceptions.

This is a book that should be read by anyone in the county. One thing is certain and that is change is in the air.

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Sarah Butland
Sarah Butland welcomes fall as a time for regrouping as kids return to school, rinks and schedules while parents think of lunches and early mornings, but every season is about books for Sarah Butland. Whether reading on the shoreline in the cool air of autumn, beside a fire in the winter or amid the breathtaking rebirth of spring, good books by amazing local authors abound and take the reader to a brand new world! A Circle on the Surface offered Butland a new world and a new time!