What everyone loves about George Canyon is that he knows how to keep it real.  He’s a husband, father and a man devoted to his faith.  He remembers where he came from and he celebrates this part of his life in every aspect of what he does professionally.

On November 23 George will take the best of himself back to a place that he refers to as his second home.

A place where he had his first taste of the big stage and place that helped launch a musical career that is still flying high after 26 years.

“In grade seven my class did a tour of the deCoste.

We saw the whole place and I remember walking out on to the stage and thinking about how big it was.

I was back as a teenager performing in a couple of school musicals and many times on stage with my

Mum and Aunt Vicki for Christmas Daddies.  When I went on the road in the 90s I really missed the deCoste and I wondered if I would every get to the stature of having a show of my own back on that big stage.”

There is no doubt that George has achieved that stature and the stage likely doesn’t feel as big anymore. He has sold over 400,000 albums world-wide and this year marked his eleventh full-length release, “I Got This.”

When he comes back home in November, George says that he is planning something unique for an audience that means so much to him.  This is an acoustical tour for me and I try to tailor my show to where ever I am.  “I am planning something just for the deCoste.  I like to have a little hint of mystery around what I will perform but it will be special.”