There has never been a community that can band together in the time of need like Nova Scotians. We are made of resilience, compassion, and love. We are a province that had stood against great adversity throughout our history. We are made of hardy stock that faces any challenge head-on, looking our storms in the eye and carrying on as one. So, it is no surprise that when push comes to shove in these trying days, we stand strong, arm in arm to showcase just how tough we are….and of course, we use our creative talents to make things to signify that strength — it’s just who we are!
Here are a few ideas where you can show your true Nova Scotia colours.


Flag Flower

Dress up your yard with a pretty flower that exhibits our flag in its heart. Our strength is shown through the fierce roaring lion and our resilience through a daisy, a flower just as hardy as we are. Available through various makers at your local craft stores and markets. Special thanks to Lorraine Moore-Russell for loaning us this one to share with you.

Nova Scotia Charcuterie Board

This charcuterie board showcases just how talented our people are. Meghan Little of Adept Handmade Home Décor patiently cuts the board, sands then polishes it off with resin work to look just like the waves that hit our shoreline. And in between using it to serve tasty treats, it would make a great display piece, too. Follow Adept Handmade Home Décor on Instagram and Facebook to see what else Meghan is making these days.

Home Sign

My Home Mercantile helps you tap into your artistic side with their provincial home sign, available through their website or in-store. Sitting down and getting creative is a great way to deal with all the world is throwing at us. Order online at

Our Best N.S.: Adventure Journal

Hitting the top sellers lists, this journal lets you document the best aspects of Nova Scotia from our famous beaches to our incredible restaurants and everything in between. This is a great way to track where you’ve been and will help you plan your next road trip, too! Written by the talented Jen Meza, this is a must-have to keep track of your summer bucket list! Stocked by various online retailers and local shops.