Snow on Fields
by Carolyn Ritchie Bedford

While it is easy to frame a family photo or hang a mass-produced print sourced from your local home store, finding a signature piece of art can be a little more time consuming. However, the art scene in Nova Scotia is becoming easier to access and more approachable no matter how much money you have stuffed in your mattress. While you might be on the lookout for a piece that you hope will appreciate in value with time, look for pieces that reflects your own sense of self.  A piece of art, whether a painting, sculpture, textile or glass, can all evolve in meaning as your own life changes in perspective. I invite you to visit our Facebook page and share your favourite art and artists and how you feature your special pieces in your home.

It was difficult to decide on a single piece to spotlight for our first Off The Wall series.  However, when I discovered this painting by Carol Ritchie Bedford, I was drawn not only to the colours and the familiarity of the scene, having grown up not far from her Greenhill studio, but I also enjoyed more sensory experience where I felt the frozen grass crush under my footsteps and could breathe in the astringent winter air.

This work was painted from the artist’s front window from a scene she sees daily from her home on Green Hill. The plow lines in the field remind her the warmer weather will return, while she enjoys the changing scene at present.