Every spring, we are filled with the urge to do a thorough cleaning and organization of our spaces. Here’s a great DIY that will let you get creative and try your hand at a little painting project. Plus, it gives you a beautifully functioning product that will make you more organized, too!

The supplies for this project are provided by Onslow Historic Lumber at 6 Havelock Street, Truro (onslowhistoriclumber.ca) The wooden box was handmade by store owner, Steven Clark. For this project, I’ve used Fusion Mineral Paint in Buttermilk Cream and sealed it with a clear wax, both of which are available for purchase there. There is also a wide variety of knobs to select from but these ones are a perfect way to welcome Spring!

This is an easy, fun beginner project that won’t take up much of your
time but still has great rewards when it’s complete. So, let’s get started!

Step 1.    Decide on paint colour and knobs to suit your décor – be creative and imaginative!!

Step 2.    Sand the box with 220 grit sandpaper

Step 3.    Apply first coat of paint, according to instructions on the paint you’ve selected

Step 4.    Allow to dry and give it a little sanding

Step 5.    Apply a second coat

Step 6.    Allow to dry and give it one more quick, light sanding

Step 7.    Apply a sealer coat if required, according to instructions

Step 8.    Attach knobs to board

Step 9.    Securely anchor to the wall using the routered holes on the back

Step 10.    Hang up all your pretty things – necklaces, scarves or bags

This is a great set of hooks for anything you need to hang and it looks fabulous, too! Getting organized never looked so good!