Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit, written by Jonathan Rand, is a show filled with youth from the community, ranging in ages from 7 to 18 and including all sorts of humourous characters you’ll recognize.

As the ninth performance of New Glasgow Youth Theatre Society, with Amanda Gillis as the director, this play is sure to be enjoyed by all ages. Jason Pelley, aka H.D., was motivated to audition “because I had seen previous performances from NGYTS, been in the latest performance, and have been interested in acting.” The best part about being in such a performance is meeting lots of new people he wouldn’t get the chance to otherwise, as well as being able to express himself through his on stage persona.

H.D., bandaged and bruised due to a recent fall, is a detective working to solve crimes through the land, while the fairy tale police serve and protect and the district attorneys work to ensure justice is served. The crime? The total destruction of the homes of three little pigs.

Rebecca Hingley, who plays Cindy and helps H.D. with some crime solving, says “the best part, in my opinion, about acting would be that you take on the emotions and actions that your character does. You have an easier time stepping into other people’s shoes.”

And Christopher Russel, a familiar face at the New Glasgow Farmers’ Market, plays the beloved Pinocchio auditioned to help hone his craft while he pursues an interest in voice acting.

Practicing regularly in the basement of the Pictou County Gymnastics Club (former YMCA), Gillis seems to light up while working with her selected class and is eager to showcase the young acting talent throughout the county.

Be sure to get your ticket through Glasgow Square for only $10 a seat before it’s too late! Come out to see popular fairy tale characters in an entirely different light and cheer on
your neighbour!